Coming soon - Nismo Drift Missile !!!

After years of tweaking LFS and trying to get the max out of a drift car I finally did it, so here I present to you my Nismo Drift Missile. What can I say...its a killer, very agile due to hard work on the steering and suspension part and enough powerful to rock any corner but not too much so it can still be stable and easy to drive. Also the tires heating/cooling physics are different but I won't tell you much about that just that the grip feels very realistic and the heating/cooling speed is more realistic as well with lower wear.

Some short info about the car and mod/tweak:
-RB26DET Engine with a 25 PSI no-lag Turbo pushing out 560+BHP;
-RB25 Transmision to genuinely  make the RB26 RWD;
-Silvia S14/S15 Tein D1 spec. suspension;
-Light weight ~1100kg with great weight distribution and balance;
-Custom steering angles with stability and maneuverability at high drift angle and speed;
-Slick tires available if wanted;
-Reworked tires heating/cooling hack.


  1. Is this going to be a LFS.exe or just a tweak.
    having a exe would be good

  2. Pleeease please release the reworked tire temp tweak? Drifting on cold tires works but it's harder than it should be.

  3. Also if you could add a feature to Pro Tweaker to lower/adjust the caster on the XR GT that would be sweet. Dunno how much work this stuff takes for you, I already appreciate the tweaks you have released so much. Drifting is one of the only things in my life I have a consistent passion for.

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