XRG & XRT - 2011 Matt Powers's Nissan Silvia S14 Tweak, Setup, Engine Sound, Mod & Skin for Z28

This tweak is simulating Matt Powers's Nissan Silvia S14 used in the Formula Drift 2011. The Pack includes for XRG and XRT the following: Tweak, setups, engine sounds, gloves & suit, skins for Nissan S14 Zenki.

Tweak Info:
-Engine: LS7
-Displacement: 7011 [7L]
-Drivetrain: Rear Wheels Drive [RWD]

Made by NFS TEAM
-Sasha Lokhtin [Sanya]

Works online only on tweak servers.
How to use it:
1. Download and Unrar the file linked below anywhere in your computer.
2. Copy the "engine", "pic", "setups" and "skins" folders to "LFSFOLDER/data/" and click yes if it asks for replacement, if not it means that you did it wrong.
3. Run the game and the .exe file from the "tweak" folder.
4. Press the XRG and/or the XRT button to activate it.
5. Go back to the game and Select XRG or XRT with the setup, engine sound and skin made for them.
6. If you want the suit and gloves, go to options/driver and change the driver look till you see Matt Powers's suit and gloves.

Pack Download



  1. the skin doesn't work properly. and the tweak don't work

  2. it is working perfectly for me.. :)

  3. every one of these has a trojan in it...

  4. thats right...but its a harmless trojan

  5. Doesnt work on win7 64bit, but works on XP

  6. It works for sure on win7 x64. I have it.

  7. this skin give me 1 error with name : Windows cannot access specified device , path or file .You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item , can someone help me please

    1. if you are talking about the tweak and not the skin its maybe because your antivirus is blocking it

  8. can u guys help me i did all it says to do an installed it right but it wont work :( BTW not frist mod i installed so i no i did it right

  9. Doesnt let me open lfs it says error could not open file data/engine/xfg_default.eng