Live for Speed Z28 Tweak v1.3

The v1.3 cheat engine based Tweak for LFS Z28.

Changes from v1.2 to v1.3:
-added Turbo Speed/Lag addresses;
-added complete Cartype 2(UF1/XFG/XRG),
Cartype 4(FBM/FOX/FO8) &
Cartype 5(UFR/XFR/FXR/XRR/FZR) addresses;

Thanks to "TheTime" for Cartype 4 & 5 addresses and for turbo speed/lag addresses.

For CE 5.6.1

For CE 6.0


Note: BF1 Turbo pressure doesn't work because the turbo must be enabled.

How to use it:
1. Open the downloaded file with Cheat Engine 5.6.1 or 6.0 [Download here]
2. Click the Process tab under cheat engine program title and then  "code"-lfs.exe
3. On the bottom part of the program, double click the value you want to change, write the new value and click OK
4. Go to LFS and see what you've done.


  1. hey can you post this table for ce 5.5? because i ve making a new trainer from this table but my 5.6.1 refusing the values like 0,264999985694885 and in your video of making a trainer there s 5.5 can you please reupload this on ce 5.5?

  2. in the video is an old table...the first version which is incomplete...

  3. code = a random number that is before the process name

  4. can you please do the values for the fz50?!
    much appreciated thanks in advance