XRG - Falken Saturn Sky Tweak for Z28

This Tweak is a replica of Darren McNamara's Satun Sky Falken Drift car. It has a 6.7L V8 engine that develops around 800hp and 720 lb-ft without any turbo. I recommend to use it with the steering lock mod set to more than 47 degrees.

Tweak Info:
-Engine: V8
-Displacement: 6700 [6.7L]
-Power: 800 HP
-Torque: 720 lb-ft
-Drivetrain: Rear Wheels Drive [RWD]
-Wheels: Front: 245/40R18 Tyres on 18x8.5 Rims /Rear: 275/35R18 Tyres on 18x9.5 Rims.

Works online only on tweak servers.
How to use it:
1. Download and Unzip the file linked below anywhere in your computer.
2. Run the game and the .exe file from the archive.
3. Press the "Activate" button and the "XRT BodyKit Wheels Position" button if you use XRT BodyKit on XRG..
4. Go back to the game and Select XRG with a drift setup.

Tweak Download


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