S2 Tweak Server update!

I've decided to let on the S2 server with IP Patch only till the S1 licensed server will get some players on it.

I recommend to all of you who use Keygen to Unlock LFS S1/S2 content to buy a license and play on the licensed Server.

New Licensed Server Name: ULTiMATE Tweak-Server S1

Because now I have an S1 license I've decided to also upload my XR skins at lfsworld.net for XRT

XRT_Nismo_GT-R | Downloads:
XRT_MW_Izzy | Downloads:
XRT_TD_RX8 | Downloads:


  1. why?...I think this is way better...

  2. nu toti au licienta o sa fie gol serveru
    macar fa unu fara licienta si unul cu .. si ai sa vezi :)

  3. deocamdata nu am destula viteza la internet sa tin atatea servere...si cine nu are licenta sa joace pe serveru demo sau sa-si cumpere...asta e si scopu pt care l-am facut S1 licensed...ca sa determin cat mai multe persoane sa isi cumpere licenta...a..si data viitoare te-as ruga sa sri in engleza...

  4. cant even join ur server .....WHY GABY that was only thing to do after school everyday :(

  5. LFS Developers worked hard to bring us this amazing simulator and they have a reason to sell it and not to give it to us for free...so I've decided to buy it instead of playing it using keygen...and I suggest you to do the same thing or play on the demo server.

  6. but it was the only server where we could have played using tweak and steering mod ;(

  7. NO!!!! only one server in Whole INTERNET where i can play with keygen....HOW CAN I NOW RACE? i dont have enough money to buy it :(