Need your help!

Update: I've successfully repaired the broken motherboard by replacing the capacitors. You can still donate if you like my work by using the Donate button located in the right side of this page.

As you may noticed in the last days the tweak servers were sometimes offline. This is because the computer that I was using to host them started to have some issues a few days ago and now it stopped working. The good news is that I found the problem but the bad news is that it can be fixed only by replacing the motherboard. The computer is old and it doesn't worth to change the motherboard which is also hard to find. What I need from you is a little bit of help with some money which I will use to buy an cheap and power saving computer which costs somewhere between 100-140$. Don't get me wrong, I don't ask you to give me that amount of money but if each one of you will donate 1$ the amount of money will be raised in a very short time.