XRG - Toyota Supra MKIV 2JZ Tweak and Setup for Z28

This tweak is simulating the 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE Engines from the Toyota Supra MKIV. The xrg wheels can be replaced with the 16 or 17 inch wheels that the supra has from the factory. The non-turbo 2JZ-GE engine develops 225 hp while the 2JZ-GTE engine develops 320 hp with the stock 10 psi turbo and up to 730 hp with a 35 psi turbo. Also I've made 2 setups with the v160 and v161 transmision final drive.

Tweak Info:
-Engine: 2JZ [Inline 6]
-Displacement: 2997 [3.0L]
-Power: 225 hp to 729 hp
-Drivetrain: Rear Wheels Drive [RWD]
-16 Inch Wheels: Front: 225/50R16 tyres on 16x8 Rims / Rear: 245/50R16 tyres on 16x9 Rims
-17 Inch Wheels: Front: 235/45R17 tyres on 17x8.5 Rims / Rear 255/45R17 tyres on 17x9.5 Rims

Works online only on tweak servers.
How to use it:
1. Download and Unzip the file linked below anywhere in your computer.
2. Run the game and the .exe file from the archive.
3. Press the "2JZ-GE" or the "2JZ-GTE" button and what optional buttons you want from the program window.
4. Copy the "XRG_2JZ_v160.set" and the "XRG_2JZ_v161.set" file to "LFSFOLER/data/setups/".
5. Go back to the game and Select XRG with the v160 or v161 final drive setup.
To install the setups go to garage menu and select on the right part of the screen the setup named "2JZ_v160" for the v160 final drive or "2JZ_v161" for the v161 final drive.

Tweak & Setups Download



  1. some antiviruses detect these as a virus but it isn't

  2. the exe file don't work, can't unpack it or run it.

  3. If u unpack can u then delete ? i couldnt it says i require Admin and i am.. and yes i have full control on it...

  4. strange...make sure its not opened and your antivirus is not blocking you.

  5. It doesnt work, my LFS closes when i want to choose XR GT!! HELP!