XRG - Drift King's Nissan 350z Veilside Tweak and Setup for Z28

This Tweak is a replica of the Drift King's Nissan 350z Veilside from the movie The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. It has the stock 350z V6 engine with a 7psi turbo that develops +450hp at the rear wheels and wide drift tyres and rims like the ones used on the movie. I've also made a drift setup for it with the original 350z final drive.

Tweak Info:
-Engine: V6
-Displacement: 3496 [3.5L]
-Power: 486 HP @ 6626 RPM
-Drivetrain: Rear Wheels Drive [RWD]
-Wheels: Front: 245/35R19 Tyres on 19x9 Rims /Rear: 285/30R19 Tyres on 19x11 Rims.

Works online only on tweak servers.
How to use it:
1. Download and Unrar the file linked below anywhere in your computer.
2. Run the game and the .exe file from the archive.
3. Press the "Activate" button and the "XRT BodyKit Wheels Position" button if you use XRT BodyKit on XRG.
4. Copy the "XRG_350Z_TD.set" file to "LFSFOLER/data/setups/".
5. Go back to the game and Select XRG with the 350z_TD setup.
To install the setup go to garage menu and select on the right part of the screen the setup named "350z_TD".

Tweak & Setup Download


  1. fukin trojan cunts

  2. Gaby, I am unable to use this tweak. Bitdefender says it's a trojan. Even adding it to the exclusion list doesn't let me use it.

  3. Use Avira Antivirus...its better and it doesn't say anything about a virus on this file...

  4. You Top Professional

    Thanks Gaby

  5. Gaby thanatos ellinas??