XRG - Mad Mike's MADBUL 1996 Mazda FD3 RX7 Tweak, Setup & Engine Sound for Z28

This tweak is simulating Mad Mike's Mazda RX7. It is not a perfect simulation because I din't have enough specs for this car. It has the Mazda 26B quad rotor engine that develops more than 500HP on the rear wheels which have stretched tyres. I recommend you to don't stop the engine and use it only at drift with high revs and carefully because it is an insane and wild car.

Tweak Info:
-Engine: Mazda 26B Quad Rotor
-Displacement: 2616 [2.6L]
-Power: 514 HP @ 8500 RPM
-Drivetrain: Rear Wheels Drive [RWD]
-Wheels: Front: 235/40R18 Tyres on 18x11 Rims / Rear: 265/35R18 Tyres on 18x12 Rims.

How to use it:
1. Download and Unrar the file linked below anywhere in your computer.
2. Run the game and the .exe file from the archive.
3. Press the "MADBUL RX7" button and the "XRT Bodykit wheels position" if you are using a XRT Bodykit on XRG.
4. Copy the "XRG_MADBUL RX7.set" file to "LFSFOLER/data/setups/" and the XRG_rx74rotor.eng file to "LFSFOLDER/data/engine/"
5. Go back to the game and Select XRG with the setup and engine sound and play.

For those who don't know how to use a engine sound or a setup here is how to do it:
-For the setup in garage menu select on the right part of the screen the setup you want.
-For the engine press "SHIFT+A" while playing then click load and select the sound preset you want and click OK.

Tweak, Setup & Engine Download


Some Pictures taken with this tweak:


  1. somebody küldej away for me this let the bodykitet be szives emailben because I find it nowhere . excuse me I do not speak jol in English . the my email adress bisteisandor@hotmail.com

  2. Can you create tweak Ford Focus RS500?

  3. pls make Ford Escort RS Cosworth

  4. This is not working in 0.6B anymore.
    Any solutions ?

    1. get the values from it using lfs z28 and cheat engine table from this website....copy all values and import them into the 0.6B using the Pro Tweaker